What Do You Live For?

Applying your talent unlocks growth. Surprisingly we all seem to be held back by similar quirks.

In a talent development trajectory at MonadCompany you get to know your unique talent. You will also realize that you have to overcome yourself to develop that talent. The things we have to overcome are ingrained by evolution. These are essential to survival, but render us ineffective when we are actually safe. We recognize this ineffective behaviour with others more so than with ourselves.

Using your talent provides you with more meaning, enthusiasm, energy, decisiveness, direction, clarity, pride, power, safety and security. Talent development is a trajectory, which offers you awareness with a permanent character, it will last a lifetime. Unconscious fear is often the reason people fail to realise personal talent. When this fear has a prolonged effect on us it has far-reaching negative consequences.

Signs of Fear

Stressed, maybe even burned-out.
Frustrated, irritated and drained energy. Not leaving the comfort zone. Meeting expectations at a high price. Postponing, self-insecure, depression. Feeling unsafe, easily scared.

Start to Shift

Shifting Evolutionary Fear to Courage.
Shifting start with the recognition of fear triggered responses. Interrupt those responses. Start shifting today! Plan a free-of-charge session

Towards Courage

Do you desire to bring your unique talent into reality? Be courageous and playful! Bring out the productive and creative side in you. Developing courage to deploy your talent will give you a meaningful engaging career and life.