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MonadCompany offer her services for your organization, your team or yourself. By shifting to courageous and creative behaviour we contribute to an aligned organization, effective teams and professionals.
We deliver those services in person or online either in English or Dutch.
We are happy to come to you or provide an inspirational office near you.
MonadCompany has a membership with The Coachhuis organisation. Located in The Netherlands? Our offices.

Who is Harry de Bont?
Harry de Bont, owner of MonadCompany, has been coaching for 25+ years. Harry has a rich background in personal development and psychology. He offers perspectives from experiences as an officer, IT professional, career counselor, team coach, manager, executive coach, organisational adviser, trainer and workshop leader. Harry takes every opportunity to advance his personal development and knowledge. Integrating this in his work.

What can you expect?
The best way is to plan a session free of charge to get acquainted with Harry and the philosophy of his method.
His method is self-developed for training, coaching and counselling, his models, techniques and approaches are inspired by different sources:

Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder, Pigneur et al), Cohesive Teams (Patrick Lencioni), Ritual Design (Ozenc, Hagan), Complex Sysytems (Lloyd Shapley, James Gleick et al.), Neuro Linguistic Programming (Richard Bandler and John Grinder), Neuroplasticity (Andrew Huberman), Systemic approach (Bert Hellinger), Birth Trauma (Otto Rank), Rational Emotive Therapy (Albert Ellis), Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne), The human as an open system (W.V.M. de Roy), Analysis and dream-work (C.G. Jung), Time-line therapy (Tad James), Mindset (Carol Dweck), Self Determination (E. Deci and R. Rand), Positive Psychology (Seligman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). Longevity and Vitality (Dr. David Sinclair). Active inference and Free energy principle. (Prof. Karl J. Friston).


Coaching and Guidance

Group Coaching
Executive Coaching
Career Counseling
Enhancing Effectiveness
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Workshops and training

Shifting Evolutionary Fear to Courage
Hacking Neuroplasticity
My Choices My Values
Team Preferences
Team Values
Personal Leadership
Non Violent Communication
Sleep, Health and Dreams
Continuity and Innovation
Work Counsel Start-up
Systemic Work

Tests and analyses

Recruitment Test
Core Talent Inquiry
Courage and Fear Profile
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Lencioini Team Test