Integrating Your Inner Hunter-Gatherer

MonadCompany's Evolutionary Approach

At MonadCompany, we believe in the power of understanding our evolutionary past to shape our future. Our unique coaching approach and innovative tools are deeply rooted in the principles of evolutionary psychology, specifically the hunter-gatherer mindset that still influences our behaviors today. Our brains, shaped over millennia, are wired for a world that has long since evolved. These instinctive behaviors, while once crucial for survival, can often induce feelings of fear and anxiety, and render us ineffective, in our complex, fast-paced society. Recognizing this is the first step towards transformative change. We guide you in interrupting these instinctive patterns, helping you navigate through the apparent fear that can often accompany change. Our approach is two-fold: first, we focus on calming the nervous system, creating a solid foundation for transformation. Then, we encourage the application of courageous behavior - a brave step forward in the face of fear. But change doesn't happen overnight. Leveraging the principles of neuroplasticity, we help you gradually reshape your behavior. Just as our ancestors adapted to their environment, so too can we adapt our behaviors to better suit our modern world.

The MonadCompany Difference

To further facilitate this transformative journey, we leverage neuroplasticity techniques and provide valuable insights through our unique tools - the Preferential Style Test and the Courage and Fear Test.

Our Evolutionary Tools-set


Courage and Fear test

Our hunter-gatherer's five instinctive fear-based reactions. The Courage and Fear test measures the extent of your caution, the anticipation of adversity, and your instinctive reactions (Fear), as well as your willingness to confront these fears (Courage). We guide you to unlock your full potential and increase your overall effectiveness.

Preferential Style Test

Preferential Style Test

The Preferential Style Test assesses our inner hunter-gatherer's need for:
Physical survival, focus on problem-solving and hands-on tasks. Group and tribe strength, focus on building and maintaining relationships. Long-term thinking and anticipation crucial for survival,focus on abstract thinking and strategic planning.


Our coaching harnesses neuroplasticity in two key phases. Optimising the priming and re-wiring phases of your neural pathways. Through various techniques, we create an optimal mindset for the brain to adapt and evolve. Reshaping your behaviors and thought patterns, leading to personal and professional growth.