Overcome Fear and Shift to Courage

Every organisation, every team, every person has the potential to do something unique, to realize a talent. Using your talent improves the situation at work and in your environment.

A contribution that is important to the world gives energy and meaning.

This ability to realize talent is strongly inhibited or rendered invisible when we are trapped by stress, frustration, resignation, rejection or the feeling of insecurity. This is true for individuals, teams and whole organisations. There always seems to be a struggle between the flow of talent and rigidness of control. We all know these contradictory forces as fear and courage. These fear based responses are ingrained through the mechanisms of evolution focused on survival. Shifting away from fear towards courage based behaviour increases our effectiveness.

“The most important thing Harry has given me is awareness. Awareness of evolutionary forces influencing my daily life. Awareness of perceptions of myself and of reality. Awareness of the power of wording and visualization techniques. Awareness of my dreams - literally and figuratively. Awareness risen, Harry has provided me with practical and actionable insights to change my life for the better. Looking back, I have experienced a partnership. It has been an emotional and positive process. Harry has a very broad theoretical background and practical knowledge, he was able to tune his coaching to my needs, and I could confide in him. I would highly recommend Harry to anyone who is looking to pursue their talents - in career and private life.”
Bas Evers, Business Innovation Consultant

"MonadCompany has assisted Expro in a change process. The objective was to grow as a management team and also to improve business results. The change had three phases: First individually, then as a team and then we started working on the strategy. Looking back, we started to use our talents better in this adventure, we work more together and difficult issues are more open to discussion than before, and there was more team focus on the results to be achieved.
Compared to previous years, our profits have risen by more than 30%."

Joost Le Loux, director of Expro


A talent development trajectory at MonadCompany helps you bring your talent into reality.
Awareness of your fear based responses and applying more courage based behaviour shifts your reality from surviving to thriving. Putting these principles to action through practice-oriented guidance will increase effectiveness while experiencing ease.


In a team development trajectory, the team learns to make better use of their mutual talents, to communicate clearly (especially about the more difficult issues) and to keep focus on team results.
MonadCompany has developed unique tools and workshops to help keep teams accountable to each other.


Strategy is the direction in which the organisation is moving. It shows the degree of flexibility of an organisation to respond to changes while it remains true to its own core values.
MonadCompany provides oversight to clarify and improve your strategy with simplicity and impact.