Shift to Courage

Every organisation, every team, every person has the potential to do something unique, to realize a talent. In the more than twenty years that I have worked, with individuals, teams and organizations, I have become fascinated by everything that holds us back, everything that renders us ineffective. In my experience, this ineffectiveness often manifests itself in patterns of fear. Fear patterns are usually aimed at avoiding negative outcomes, often those patterns are linked to a negative work or life experience. When we are ultimately "successful" in avoiding those negative experiences, we often feel empty and unfulfilled. In contrast, fulfilment can be achieved by discovering and developing your talent. That journey brings challenges and it takes courage to break down those fear patterns and build new habits. Ultimately, using your talent improves the situation at work and in your life. Your talent is a contribution that is important to the world and provides you with energy, meaning and fulfilment. I developed a coaching method supported by practical tools to unravel your ineffective patterns and help you grow your courage. This is method is applicable to individuals, teams and organisations. This is what I strive for, read what others have experienced working with this approach.

Etho Brunst, Automation Artist

"How to be true to oneself when shaped by life. Family, friends, and colleagues are all part of who you are.
The rest I was able to fill in with Harry. For the first time, I stopped to consider the meaning of my life. Living without a clock, enjoying my time. ❤"

Anonymous, Program Manager

"I enjoyed the 'My Values My Choices' workshop and liked how structured it was. By the end, we were able to be closer to ourselves and our values and understand what motivates us and leads our decision-making process. Very great, and I highly recommend it.
Thanks very much, Harry, for your preparation for this workshop and time."

Fabienne van de Graaf, Web Designer

“When I asked Harry for coaching six months ago, I didn't expect it to help me so much. I had been stuck in my work as a freelancer for a long time. Was afraid of assignments and suffered from fear of failure. The coaching conversations with Harry over the past few months always gave me insights I could use to move forward. We also did a family constellation session which has benefited me a lot. Harry is empathetic and decisive, and I felt seen and heard by him during our conversations.”

Carlotta Costa

“The webinar was deeply informative, well structured and pleasantly carried out by Harry.
He is incredibly knowledgeable on the matter and can explain complex concepts in an intellegibile and entertaining way.
It was particularly helpful for me to receive this workshop because, as I am currently facing various challenges in my life,
this provided me with the ability to regain trust and makes me feel empowered to rewire my brain.”

Etienne Galea

“Harry de Bont manages to explain the complicated topic of neuroplasticity in very pleasant and understandable terms.
This webinar was extremely interesting and very applicable to everyday life.
I recommend this for anyone looking to improve themselves,
learn how to learn better, and get a basic understanding of how neuroplasticity works.”

Nadiia Matskevych, Business Treasury at AkzoNobel

“Many thanks for the great workshop 'Hacking Neuroplasticity'! I felt so re-energised after the training that I managed to run a successful call and close all outstanding items before the weekend :) Looking forward to receiving the slides and reading recommendations.”

Anonymous, Software Developer

“I want to say that Harry’s help in these last six months has served me well. As I told him, this was the first time I felt counselling worked. Before counselling with Harry, I felt stuck in my life. Getting into this state, where I could start exploring things again, was possible because Harry allowed me to talk and let go of many thoughts and questions about my life. The fact that we could talk about life as a whole was helpful (very different from the therapy I was doing before). What significantly helped was how we could talk about differences in people and how I can also be different from other (most) people. I am no longer stuck with my life and am ready to give space to new experiences.”

Mayur Yadav, Head Of Data Management at Oxitec Ltd

"What made me attend Harry's webinar in the first instance was the focus on finding your freedom. His logical and data driven approach appealed to me immediately. The emphasis on growth mindset, paying close attention to internal patterns combined with diving into dreams to find out what really brings you joy creates a unique method which I have found immensely helpful. He is always researching new frameworks to improve existing processes- I like this approach as it helps you grow, experiment with new mechanisms that work for you and helps you know more about yourself."

Bas Evers, Business Innovation Consultant at MERLINQ

“The most important thing Harry has given me is awareness. Awareness of evolutionary forces influencing my daily life. Awareness of perceptions of myself and of reality. Awareness of the power of wording and visualization techniques. Awareness of my dreams - literally and figuratively. Awareness risen, Harry has provided me with practical and actionable insights to change my life for the better. Looking back, I have experienced a partnership. It has been an emotional and positive process. Harry has a very broad theoretical background and practical knowledge, he was able to tune his coaching to my needs, and I could confide in him. I would highly recommend Harry to anyone who is looking to pursue their talents - in career and private life.”

Joost Le Loux, director of Expro

"MonadCompany has assisted Expro in a change process. The objective was to grow as a management team and to improve the business results. The change had three phases: First individually, then as a team and finally we started working on strategy. Looking back, we started to recognise and use our talents in this adventure, we cooperate more and difficult issues are more open to discussion than before. Now our team and company has more focus on the results.
Compared to previous years, our profits have risen by more than 30%."


Our talent development helps you bring your talent into reality.
You wil gain awareness of your fear based responses. Your courage will grow, challenging yourself more. Supported by practice-oriented guidance you will develop new habits, increasing your effectiveness and reducing stress.


In a team development trajectory, the team learns to use their mutual talents, communicate better and keep focus on team results.
Monad Company has developed unique tools and workshops that help team members hold each other accountable to create healthy team dynamics.


Strategy is the direction in which the organisation is moving. It shows the degree of flexibility of an organisation to respond to changes while it remains true to its core values.
MonadCompany provides oversight to clarify and improve your strategy with simplicity and impact.