Shift to Courage

.. Embrace the Courageous Change - Say Goodbye to Ineffectiveness and Mediocrity

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Understanding our evolutionary past will enable us to shape our future.
Our unique approach is rooted in the principles of evolutionary psychology, specifically the hunter-gatherer mindset. We help you recognizing these instinctive patterns and transforming them into effective behaviors for the modern world.
With MonadCompany, you're not just learning to adapt, you're evolving to thrive.

Tailored services for individuals, teams, and organizations with MonadCompany.

"Harry’s innovative approach has provided me with a clear overview of my patterns,
leading to enhanced stability and self-awareness. "

"We had a fantastic day, everyone thought it was special,
from director to developer, from software tester to agile coach. "

"The group discussion about our dreams made a particular impression on me."

"The tests were very accurate and has helped shape the areas I need to work on."

"For the first time, I stopped to consider the meaning of my life."

"We were able to be closer to ourselves and our values"

"I didn't expect it to help me so much."

"Deeply informative, well structured and pleasantly carried out."

"Neuroplasticity in very pleasant and understandable terms."

"I felt so re-energised after the training!"

“I am no longer stuck with my life!”

"A unique method which I have found immensely helpful."

"Evolutionary awareness changed my life for the better.”

"Our profits have risen by more than 30%."