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Hacking Neuroplasticity

Hacking Neurplasticity

Have you ever wondered why personal development is so difficult to practice? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt to new information. This plasticity is an innate ability to perform optimally under changing circumstances. Humans have been fighting for survival for millennia. This survival focuses on available food sources and energy consumption. The brain’s neural network consumes a lot of energy, so processes have been created to ensure that we only change our neural network when necessary meanwhile maintaining a functional system. The environment, technology, social structure, and belief systems are changing exponentially in this new era. That is precisely why it is more important than ever to understand the mechanisms of our brain’s adaptability so that we can consciously apply, support and improve them. In the workshop ‘Hacking Neuroplasticity’, Harry de Bont will explore with you the possibilities of using the brain’s Neuroplasticity to enhance your personal or professional development.

Topic impression: • Mechanisms of Neuroplasticity (Nervous system, Hormones) • The brain as a prediction machine. • The Neuroplasticity Sweet spot. • Emotion as a call to action. • Non-Sleep Deep Rest protocols to boost Neuroplasticity. • Courage-driven behaviour, value-based commitment. • Power of focus and intention. • Creative problem-solving. • Importance of sleep and dreaming. • Habits to optimise your personal growth

The workshop duration is three hours.
The number of participants is 18.
Price for the workshop is € 3600,00.
This workshop is both online and in-person available.
The entrance fee for individuals is € 200,00.
All prices quoted are exclusive of taxes, accommodation and travel expenses.
On request, all workshops are customizable.